Premium Website Package

Premium Website Package

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Running your own business is time consuming enough—you don't need the added job of managing your online presence. With a Premium Website Package, I will not only build your brand website, but I will maintain it.

NOTE: My webmaster services are limited! Once I reach my capacity, this service will be closed to new clients.

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What You Get

A 6 to 10 page website with up to 5 eCommerce products

One color or B&W logo

Social media setup (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

Website hosting and domain hosting fees included

Regular website updates and maintenance at an additional monthly cost


The price at checkout covers the initial creation of your website, logo design, and social media setup.

This price also covers the Squarespace hosting fees and any domain hosting fees you would normally be responsible for with my a la carte services. (See here for details)

Once your website is launched, you will be charged a monthly webmaster fee based on the level of maintenance your site requires. We'll work this out to best fit your needs and budget, but here's a sample breakdown:

Maintenance Type Monthly Fee
Less than 5 hours per month $300
5 to 10 hours per month $500 to $1,000
Daily Updates $1,500 and up


Check out my FAQ section or contact me directly with any concerns.